What Consumers Are Saying: “Don’t Touch My Prime”

Over the weekend, Editorial Board published an insightful piece titled “Breaking Big Tech Bad” (June 5). The piece rightly criticizes the misguided American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which was advanced by the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this year to “punish Big Tech companies.” However, one area that appears overlooked is the voice of American […]

Ignore the Union Siren Song

Last week, labor organizers at an Amazon fulfillment center in New York pulled off what many thought was impossible; the successful unionization of workers at a company known for its deep hostility to trade unions. However, while left-leaning politicians celebrated the outcome of the vote, the slim margin of victory of just 523 votes and 57% turnout did not […]

Amazon’s Never-Ending Election

Late last year, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that Amazon illegally interfered with unionization efforts at its fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama. Despite losing the vote overwhelmingly and failing to provide any substantive evidence that the tech giant’s actions had altered the end result, the NLRB called a new election, and labor organizers will […]

Real Clear Policy: Think of Amazon as a Big Box Retailer, Not a Tech Giant

If lawmakers cannot figure out the relevant market for Amazon, then regulators can easily misclassify or narrowly define the relevant market to deem it to be concentrated and, therefore, in need of a government remedy to fix a market failure. While changing antitrust laws would make it easier to punish Amazon or Facebook, it will […]

An Election with National Consequences

Few observers would have expected Alabama, a state with an 8% unionization rate and rigid right-to-work laws, to be the frontline in what has become one of the most pivotal labor battles in the last decade. Despite the low unionization rate and restrictive union laws, almost 6,000 workers at an Amazon fulfillment center in Bessemer […]

Real Clear Policy: Amazon’s Good Deed Doesn’t Go Unpunished

Back in 2018, Amazon announced plans to open a fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama, an old coal town of around 27,000 people about 20 miles southwest of Birmingham. When Amazon announced the $325 million fulfillment center, the company pledged it would create 1,500 jobs that paid $15 per hour and provided 401k retirement programs, health insurance, and tuition reimbursement. Bessemer’s […]

The Economic Standard: Debunking “Big is Bad” — The Economics of Big Tech

Though calls to break up “Big Tech” — Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook — have intensified over the last few years, the logic behind the movement is as tenuous as ever. From the perspective of consumer welfare, the standard that has guided competition policy in the U.S. for nearly half a century, there’s good reason to think […]

Where in Health Might Amazon Fit?

Amazon earned the reputation of being a constructive force for consumers and a disrupter for the industries it chooses to enter. In the last few years, we have been watching Amazon’s tentative forays into selected health care niches. Amazon has avoided the clinical services side of health care, unlike CVS, which is transforming its retail […]

Amazon’s Next Step in the Pharmacy Industry

With the acquisition of PillPack, Amazon played another card in its high stakes contest of elbowing its way into retail pharmacy. Amazon has long been expected to make a move into the pharmacy space, and the 64,000 US retail pharmacies are not pleased to see Amazon sticking its big nose under their tent. Assuming that […]

USPS – What to Do With 50 Percent

With annoying regularity, the Postal Service increases prices for first class postage. It’s annoying because first class postage is highly profitable and does not need a regular rate increase to remain profitable for many years. On the other hand, postal charges for parcels, especially those from ecommerce shippers, are somewhat underpriced. In effect, UPSP is […]