Inside Sources: Market Dominance in Chip Manufacturing Will Mean Higher Prices

One of the most contentious antitrust cases of 2019, FTC v. Qualcomm, is in full swing at a courthouse in San Jose, California. With several other legal cases pending for Qualcomm, a lot is at stake. For Qualcomm, its fundamental business model is what’s at risk. For everyone else? Market competition, innovation and national security. […]

Huffington Post — Will Smartphone Prices Being Going Up?

As consumers open their wallets to buy the latest and greatest smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, they may not realize that bad actors in the patent space are inflating the price of these devices, and costs could soon be going up, if Qualcomm gets its way. Earlier this month, Qualcomm filed a complaint with […]

PC Magazine: ACI Quoted on Potential Congressional Subpoena of Google Execs

The June 22, 2011 PC Magazine article by  Chloe Albanesius (“Congress, Google Clash Over Schmidt, Page Appearance”) includes the following excerpt: Several groups were all in favor of the subcommittee using a subpoena. “What are Page and Schmidt afraid of? What do they have to hide? Congress should use its subpoena power to determine whether […]

ACI Agrees With DOJ – Google Book Settlement Poses Anticompetitive Risks

Washington, DC, February 5, 2010 –– We applaud yesterday’s statement by the U.S. Department of Justice expressing its problems with the proposed Google Book Search Settlement, stating that the settlement is “an attempt to use the class action mechanism to implement forward-looking business arrangements that go far beyond the dispute before the court in this […]