Trump’s FTC Nominees Must Keep the Pressure Up on Qualcomm

Among the urgent issues facing President Trump’s nominees for vacant FTC seats is one that is unique in its scope. Republicans Joe Simons, Noah Phillips and Christine Wilson along with Democrat Rohit Chopra are slated for a Senate confirmation hearing tomorrow. If approved, they will inherit the FTC’s civil antitrust action against Qualcomm. And the […]

Big Data and EU Antitrust Probes

Six months ago, the European Commission said its antitrust inquiry revealed that Google’s use of its very popular search product violated the EU’s competition standards.  This week the Commission released the text of its report.  The previously announced 2.4 billion Euro fine was affirmed. As if to divert attention away from the antitrust report, the […]

Forbes: Qualcomm vs. The Facts

The events of this year suggest that the antitrust hammer may finally be dropping on Qualcomm, which is good news for just about everyone else, particularly consumers. However, if you ask Qualcomm, they will tell you that the longstanding objections to their business practices from a diverse set of credible sources and institutions are all […]

Antitrust Focus on Consumer Welfare and Low Prices

Market power is not the US law’s criterion for antitrust prosecution. In a Yale Law Journal article, Lina Kahn laments that “the current framework in antitrust—specifically its pegging competition to “consumer welfare,” defined as short-term price effects—is unequipped to capture the architecture of market power in the modern economy.” Moreover, “current doctrine underappreciates the risk […]

Daily Caller: EU Biased Against US Tech Firms or Just Tech Envy?

For years, antitrust regulators in the European Union (EU) have behaved as if antitrust schemes lurk within each high-tech firm from the US. This paranoia fuels the imagined misdeeds that are the basis for high fines. If it were not for the windfall fines that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) harvests from US based […]

Forbes: LinkedIn Deal Exposes Dominance in the CRM Market

This piece, written by Steve Pociask and available on Forbes, discusses Salesforces push for regulators to block Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn.  A look at the CRM (customer relationship management) market share figures, however, show that Salesforce in the dominant player in the market, which the merger will have not accretive affect on market concentration.

The European Union’s Antitrust Proceeding Against Google

The European Union (EU) has revealed at least two broad complaints against Google for abusing its market power.  A Google product called Search Sense runs search on third-party websites and presents the results to consumers.  In the first complaint, the EU says Google unfairly favored presenting its own adverts to consumers over presenting those of […]

Google in the EU Regulatory Crosshairs

Google dominates conventional search with 67% for PCs and 83% for mobile in the US.  Worldwide through its Android mobile operating system, it serves 80% of smartphones.  Google is newsworthy because of its scale and the business practices it uses to interact with consumers and businesses. Recently, Google earned media coverage due to allegations of […]

Choose Quality of Results for Consumers, Not Equality of Outcomes for Competitors

From the outside, antitrust prosecutions appear to seek competitive behaviors that are scrupulously “fair” among competitors. But no two competing companies have identical assets, experience, intellectual property, employee and leader skills, customers, or even identical goals. Their path forward depends on how well their strategy anticipates the live marketplace and on their skill in adapting […]

EU Protectionism on the Rise

For two decades, Google has focused tightly on improving its prowess in Internet search.  It is very good at search, and while it dominates search (worldwide about 88%) it is not the only player.  Microsoft’s Bing (4.5%) also produces excellent results, along with other rivals Yahoo (4.3%) and Baidu (0.6%).  When consumers choose among these […]