Open App Regulations Could Endanger Those It Seeks to Protect

As lawmakers in Washington D.C. move the Open App Market Act through both the Senate and House of Representatives, lawmakers in the states are watching closely and considering their own measures that would force damaging changes on how application stores operate. But bad news travels fast. One harmful bill, for example, the Freedom to Subscribe […]

Cracking Down on App Stores Shows a Reckless Disregard for Consumers

Over the past few years, lawmakers in both chambers of Congress have been lining up to address alleged anti-competitive and anti-consumer harms caused by big tech. Among the latest bills to be considered in the Senate is the Open App Markets Act (OAMA) that would impose a litany of new rules regulating application stores like […]

Proposition 22 is a Big Win for Workers and Consumers!

Last night, California voters approved Proposition 22, a ballot measure that now allows app-based drivers to remain as independent contractors, not employees. The passage of Proposition 22 does not just represent a win for California workers, who can now continue to earn income in an employment structure they overwhelmingly favor, but it also represents a […]

Negative Impact of Regulations on Innovation

In mobile wireless and Internet markets, consumers deserve the final say on which constructive innovations, new product features and infrastructure should survive. In those markets, consumers notice the rapid pace of change and while they may not use every innovation that comes along, they welcome the steady stream of appealing changes and increased value from […]

On Digital Good: Resale and Taxes

Apple recently filed a patent on creating a digital marketplace where users could resell their previously purchased digital items (ringtones, music, movies, etc.) to other users, presumably at a discount price. As reported by PaidContent, this patent is similar to one filed by Amazon last month. Apple’s filing goes into great detail in how their […]

The Apps Economy and U.S. Jobs

A recent study released by the Application Developers Alliance and the CTIA show that the app economy has created 519,000 jobs since the creation of the economy.  Since the the wide adoption of smartphones such as the iPhone and phones running Android and Windows phone software, the mobile arena has been booming—over 315 million devices […]

Medical Apps and Obamacare

As technology progresses, the promises of cheaper health care solutions to bring down health care costs becomes more real.  There’s a slew of new apps being created for mobile devices that could replace or supplement many of the functions that your doctor might fulfill today.  These apps, cheap to build and cheap to purchase, could […]