Aquifer Depletion: Part 2, Pragmatic Approaches

Fears of groundwater depletion have led to some desperate plans.  The Biscayne aquifer serves millions in Florida, but it is rapidly depleting.  Pembrooke Pines planned to accelerate Biscayne’s replenishment by injecting treated sewage deep into the aquifer instead of the traditional approach which allows treated sewage to trickle from wetlands, lakes and fields into the […]

Aquifer Depletion: Part 1, The Facts

Each day, groundwater provides drinking water for half of U.S. consumers and another 50 billion gallons for agriculture.  Other U.S. industries also rely on groundwater.  Unfortunately we take more of this clean low cost water than we put back.  The supply is dwindling and since we cannot do without massive quantities of clean water, we […]