Nearly 1,000 TV Stations are Moving to New Channels. Here’s What You Need to Know.

A total of 987 TV stations will be moving to new channels over the next two years, part of the Federal Communications Commission’s effort to make more spectrum available to meet the exploding demand for mobile data. Viewers will need to take action to keep their channels. By rescanning your TV at the right time, […]

Getting 5G Regulations Right the First Time Around

Fifth-generation mobile wireless (5G) standards have been drafted and early stage public trials will be underway in the first half of this year.  To move 5G beyond its infancy, US network operators and device makers will need to invest $275 billion in the next seven years.  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has started down the […]

Is Dish Cheating Consumers?

The Heartland Institute quotes ACI in an article on Dish Network’s entities and their alleged collusive and coordinated bidding at the last FCC wireless broadband auction. Dish, a $15B in revenue company, may succeed in having its two bidding entities qualify for a 25% small business discount on the last auction.  The auction result is bad for consumers and taxpayers.  […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Spectrum Auction Shenanigans

Dish Network and T-Mobile are reportedly in talks about a possible merger, a move motivated by Dish’s recent acquisition of wireless broadband spectrum at the AWS-3 spectrum auction. Dish and T-Mobile’s potential consolidation poses significant detriments to consumers, wireless service providers and the government, when placed in the larger context of Dish’s potentially anticompetitive behavior. […]

The Hill’s Congress Blog: America’s Obsession With Spectrum

Consumers are using wireless communications services at a torrid pace.  These services’ 336 million subscribers use wireless connections to make conventional voice calls, send texts, and get access to a host of Internet websites, including educational information, government services, news, games and video entertainment, business and employment-related services, and specialized health systems, to name a […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: $3.3 Billion That Belongs To The Public

In the FCC’s recent incentive auction for spectrum, a total of $41 billion was bid.  As expected, the winning bidders tended to be enormous, but this time, exceedingly small Northstar Wireless and SNR Wireless LicenseCo stood out. Both have affiliation with Dish Network, the satellite TV outfit with revenues of $14.6 billion and a market […]

Behemoth Pretends to be a Small Business

AWS-3 was an auction for 65 megahertz of broadband spectrum that wrapped up at the end of January.  The winning bids drew a total of $45 billion for spectrum that is largely occupied by government agencies and TV channels.  Money from the winning bids will pay to help them move, will fund a new first […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: Say No to Wireless Auctions Restrictions

Real Clear Policy published an ACI blog that calls for open and competitive bidding rules for the upcoming wireless broadband auction.  To make matters worse, T-Mobile and Sprint have recently called on further favors from the FCC.  Read how these rules will negatively affect wireless consumers.

Broadband Spectrum: Missing in Action

We are a nation dependent on wireless broadband.  For personal communications, for internet-based applications and for business operations, wireless broadband services are wildly popular among students, employees, businesses and families.  Broadband wireless is available to 99.5% of the U.S. population, according to the FCC’s sixteenth report on wireless competition.     Currently deployed wireless broadband is […]