Inside Sources: Broken Auto Glass Scam Could Break Floridians’ Credit Score

Florida has among the highest automobile insurance rates in the country, and it seems every time you turn around a handful of trial attorneys have figured out yet another way to profit on the business of “sue and settle.” You can read our op-ed in Inside Sources to find out why Florida’s legislators need to […]

ACI in the Palm Beach Post: Price Regulations in Florida Would Be a Mistake

As Florida’s legislators consider what to do with auto insurance requirements in a “post” No-Fault/Personal Insurance Protection (PIP) world, there is talk of mandating rate rollbacks or passing new laws with “recommended” rate savings. This would be a mistake. To read the entire op-ed, visit the Palm Beach Post.

ABC-TV Charlotte: ACI Discusses Hidden Auto Fees

North Carolina has the only Rate Bureau system in the country that regulates auto insurance rates.  The outmoded regulatory regime imposes a hidden fee on good auto drivers to subsidy the rates of more risky auto drivers.  The issue has come up recently on several local TV stations, and most recently on ABC-affiliate WSOC in […]

Letter to NC House: Auto Rates Increases are Punitive

Dear Representative: Some of us have heard claims that North Carolina, compared to other states, has the lowest auto insurance rates in the country.  However, few know that the data supporting these claims cover only consumers with spotless driving records who drive brand new cars. The reality is that these consumers are few and far […]

Regulatory Creep and Ridesharing

Uber, Lyft and Sidecar are fast-growing “ridesharing” services that compete with each other and with conventional taxis.  The ridesharing services are summoned through an Internet app tied to an established personal account.  The app handles booking, payment, and a ride survey. Ridesharing can be a compelling economic proposition to consumers.  In urban settings, it can […]

More Price Regulations = More Costs for Consumers

Becki Gray of the John Locke Institute, the leading think tank in North Carolina, just posted an interesting piece that discusses an analysis that ACI did some years ago.  The analysis shows that as automobile insurance price regulation increases so do the costs that consumers pay.  That irony should give us pause and resolve in knowing […]

ACI Expert in the Charlotte Observer: Insurance Price Controls Stifle Innovation

There has been a great deal of heated discussion regarding auto insurance reform during the past several years.  The insurance industry is divided and parties are trying to make their case to legislators in the General Assembly.  It can’t be denied that the average premium for drivers is ranked as one of the lower in […]

$910 Million to the Wrong People

Florida’s consumers face a robbery in progress with $910 million stolen so far.   That’s the premium hit for “staged accidents” made profitable by the state’s “no-fault” automobile personal injury law.   We visited this abomination before, asked the legislature to fix it, and watched as the brazen cabal of intentional crash victims, fraudulent treatment clinics and […]