ACI in Charlotte Observer: NC Auto Insurance System is Price Fixing

There has been some disagreement on how North Carolina’s auto insurance regulations affect consumers.  Those favoring the current system say that it keeps auto insurance rates low, while opponents say that it is an arcane regulatory system that stifles competition and requires good drivers to pay a hidden tax so that riskier drivers can pay […]

Economic Journal Article by Fuhr and Pociask: Auto Insurance Price Regs Hurt Consumers

An article was published in the Indian Economic Journal that demonstrates the economic harm of price regulation of the auto insurance market.  The article shows that auto insurance rates and rate instability are higher in more regulated markets.  In addition, there is no evidence that the market has insufficient rivals to achieve competitive prices, that industry profits are […]

Competition Drives Cost Savings in Auto Insurance

If one thing stands out from recent news reports on auto insurance in Georgia, it’s that economic regulation and rate review are not needed to protect the state’s consumers from rate gouging. With nearly 90 auto insurance providers in the state, Georgia consumers enjoy more competition and choice of auto insurance plans than they do […]