Don’t Stifle Consumer Broadband Benefits

Modernization of American infrastructure – which will yield great innovation and economic growth – is dependent upon deregulation. Coming off the Obama administration’s infamous overregulation agenda, the current administration has made it its mission to reverse course. From the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation, […]

New ConsumerGram: Lifesaving Drugs at Lower Costs

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began approving generic (unbranded) prescription drugs around 30 years ago, and generic drugs are now saving consumers more than one trillion dollars per decade in healthcare costs over their brand named counterparts.  Competition from generics has provided more options to doctors and better access to patients – at prices […]

The Daily Caller: Colluding with the Automotive Dealer Cartel

This Daily Caller Piece, written by ACI researcher Alan Daley, talks about the barriers to entry facing Tesla, including the roadblocks by the Automotive Dealer Cartel.  You can read the article in the Daily Caller —

Protectionist Barriers to Entry — Regulations Target Uber to Reduce Competition and Consumer Choice

Yesterday, the DC Taxi Commission held hearings on new regulations that would help to put a burgeoning startup company out of business, along with imposing massive hurdles that would stop any new business in the transportation industry getting off the ground.  The company being threatened is Uber, an innovative new company that allows users to […]