Forbes: Are EV Subsidies Environmentally-Friendly or Welfare for the Rich?

Battery electric vehicles have grown in popularity over the last decade, primarily due to their perceived environmental benefits and tax incentives that steer car buyers away from gas-fueled vehicles. However, empirical evidence suggestions that the array of benefits are far overstated, which means that incentives designed to encourage electric vehicle ownership are having adverse consequences […]

Are Regulations Crafted through Cost/Benefit Analysis or through Regulators’ Biases?

We are surrounded by regulations.  They can be reassuring and protective as readily as they can grate and expropriate.  Our experience with regulations depends on our social and political stance and on the balance of burden versus benefit inherent in the regulation. Elected representatives seldom have the expertise needed to specify a technical matter such […]

It’s the Jobs, Stupid – Daley Speaks Out

Creating Jobs is the Real Challenge We are mired in a slow growth economy and hobbled by political inflexibility while 22 million American consumers look for a job.  Demand is slack and the Administration sprinkles regulatory “agent-orange” across markets where the private sector would normally invest in equipment and jobs.  Large and small firms are […]

New Medicare Program Will Lead to More Costs Than Benefits for Some Homebound Patients

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is implementing a bidding program that it hopes will lead to lower-priced devices and drive down Medicare costs for the homecare patients.  However, auction bidding experts have overwhelmingly found that the current program will lead to below-cost pricing, which would adversely affect supply.  The resulting decrease in […]