Professors Blackstone and Fuhr on the Benefits of Biosimilar Competition

  Benefits from Biosimilar Competition Erwin A. Blackstone and Joseph P. Fuhr, Jr. (For a printable version of this ConsumerGram with its footnotes, please click here biosimilar2-1)   The U.S. is now developing a process for expedited approval of biosimilars. Biopharmaceuticals are far more complex and costly to develop and produce than chemical drugs. Biosimilars […]

Biosimilars and Innovation: Article by Professors Blackstone and Fuhr

Professors Blackstone and Fuhr, both ACI experts, wrote an interesting article on the tradeoff of increased competition vs. increased innovation and the effects on drug prices.   The full citation is: Blackstone, Erwin A. and Fuhr, Joseph P., Jr., “Biosimilars and Innovation: An Analysis of the Possibility of Increased Competition in Biopharmaceuticals,” Future Medicinal Chemistry, vol 2, no. […]

Recent Presentations Made by ACI on Taxes, Solvency and Broadband Stimulus

Dr. Joseph P. Fuhr, “Why Biosimilars Will Have a Smaller Competitive Edge Than Generics,” presented at CBI’s Second Annual Summit on Biosimilars and Follow-on biologics, Baltimore, based on an article coauthored by Dr. Erwin A. Blackstone and published in the Journal of Health Care Finance, Winter 2008, pp. 84-95. Slides available. Steve Pociask, “Why Solvency Matters,” […]