ACI Releases Paper on the Effects of Adopting Foreign Price Controls on Drugs

Washington, D.C. — Today, The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI), a non-profit consumer education and research organization, released a white paper, “How International Reference Pricing for Prescription Drugs Would Hurt American Consumers.” Recently, some lawmakers and other federal officials have promoted international reference pricing as a way to reduce drug costs for […]

Regulatory Uncertainty and Industry Practices Force Consumers to Overpay on Biologics

Biopharmaceuticals are preparations synthesized from living organisms, especially a human or animal protein, such as a hormone or antitoxin that is used as a diagnostic, preventive, or therapeutic agent. If the preparation is the original drug, it can be patented. Most of us have seen TV adverts for patented new wonder drugs such as Humira, […]

Time to Negotiate Drug Prices

The 15 million enrolled in the biggest Medicare part D plans will face average premium hikes of 8% in 2016. The increase in 2014 was 11%. These increases are enough to provoke consumer grumbling about prices, but consumers are not actually overwhelmed by prescription drug costs, yet. Instead, they fear that prescription drugs for a […]

Prescription Drug Competition Means Savings

REAL CLEAR POLICY: Competition for some of the priciest drugs may soon be coming to a pharmacy near you. The new development has to do with “biologics,” which are drugs produced in living systems such as plant and animal cells or microorganisms. To Continue Reading, visit Real Clear Policy

ConsumerGram: Patient Benefits from Biosimilar Competition

The recent approval of the first biosimilar drug by the FDA will mark the beginning of competition for a class of lifesaving medicines in the U.S., after nearly a decade of availability in Europe and elsewhere.  This ConsumerGram will explore how the pending introduction of competition for biologic drugs will lead to immense consumer benefits, both […]

ACI in Forbes: FDA Action Can Save Lives, Money

Dr. Joseph Fuhr, Jr., professor of Economics and a senior fellow at ACI, wrote a piece on how biosimilar competition could provide wider choice and cheaper access to lifesaving drugs for patients, but the FDA needs to write the rules necessary to permit competitive entry. His piece is available to read and print at Forbes.

ACI in the Huffington Post: FDA Delays Will Cost Money and Lives

This article, written by ACI president Steve Pociask, discusses the benefits of biosimilar dugs.  These drugs are generic-like versions of lifesaving brand named biopharmaceutical drugs, called biologics.  Europe has had biosimilar competition since 2006, but the U.S. has yet to approve a single biosimilar drug for U.S. patients.  The article calls on the FDA to accelerate its rulemaking and write […]

FDA’s Continued Delay Could Cost Lives

Just last week, Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG applied to create the first generic version of a brand named biologic drug for use in the United States. Their drug, a white blood cell stimulant, would be of great benefit to millions of cancer patients spending every last dime on incredibly expensive biologics.  Generic versions of name […]

Making the Case for Biosimilars: ACI in the Hill’s Congressional Blog

Lower Prices and Greater Access to Life-Saving Drugs Generic drugs have saved over a trillion dollars in healthcare costs between 2002 and 2011 by competing against name brand drugs.  Another opportunity now exists to further reduce pharmaceutical drug expenditures involving a growing, but expensive, innovative class of drugs, called biologics. The introduction of their generic-like […]

New ConsumerGram: Lifesaving Drugs at Lower Costs

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began approving generic (unbranded) prescription drugs around 30 years ago, and generic drugs are now saving consumers more than one trillion dollars per decade in healthcare costs over their brand named counterparts.  Competition from generics has provided more options to doctors and better access to patients – at prices […]