ACI Agrees With DOJ – Google Book Settlement Poses Anticompetitive Risks

Washington, DC, February 5, 2010 –– We applaud yesterday’s statement by the U.S. Department of Justice expressing its problems with the proposed Google Book Search Settlement, stating that the settlement is “an attempt to use the class action mechanism to implement forward-looking business arrangements that go far beyond the dispute before the court in this […]

Kudos to the Justice Department Regarding the Proposed Google Book Search Settlement

The Department of Justice should be congratulated for its filing with the federal court reviewing the Google Books settlement. The Department’s forceful arguments about this settlement underscore the concerns that we, and many others, have raised about this deal. With this deal, Google, which already dominates the online search market, would be given a significant […]

Google Books Settlement Draws Congressional Scrutiny

Yesterday’s hearing on the Google Books settlement provided a great opportunity for members of Congress to hear about the many concerns that authors, legal experts and consumers have about this settlement. The deal, as currently written, would give the most dominant online firm a significant advantage over its rivals and online book competitors like Amazon. […]