Wild West Days for Nation State Hackers

Nation state hackers have been very busy but rarely candid about their work.  State-controlled teams from many nations run intelligence gathering projects and sometimes plant SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) attacks against the physical infrastructure in rival nations.  The teams may be on the military payroll or be talented IT workers under contract to […]

ACI in the Dallas Morning News

Texas’ success and growth are largely due to its diverse and largely healthy economy, including a retail sector that, according to the Texas Retailers Association, has about 107,000 retail establishments and employs over 1.9 million Texans. Yet unlike some of its peers, this industry and the consumers it serves remain unnecessarily threatened. According to a […]

ACI in Forbes: Chipping Away At Credit Card Fraud

This piece, available at Forbes, discusses how chip and PIN technology can sharply reduce credit card fraud in merchant stores and decrease data breaches, while the chip and signature solution that now being deployed in the U.S. will only make a modest incremental improvement.