Emergency Small Business Loans are Leaving Out Local Media Outlets

Countless small businesses are facing tough decisions as the Coronavirus pandemic stretches on. In an attempt to help struggling businesses that have been hit hard by social distancing measures, lawmakers launched the so-called Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) on April 3. But unclear terms and other glitches are making it hard for businesses to cash in […]

Hill’s Congress Blog: The Third Circuit Shows It Lives in Another era with ruling on Media Ownership

In a 2-1 decision last week, the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals squashed recent efforts by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to deregulate media ownership rules, which would have allowed local news outlets across the country to adapt and thrive. Instead, a 40-year-old rule restricting cross-ownership of a newspaper and TV station in the […]

ACI in FORBES: A New Look at Media Cross-ownership Rules

In 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ordered the continuation of rigid media cross-ownership rules, rules that, in part, go back to the 1940s. These old rules ban local newspapers and television stations from merging, and restrict mergers between local broadcasters – all on the grounds of thwarting market concentration and preserving local news and […]

Aereo: Changing Over-the-Air Broadcast

The idea of getting all of your television content on your digital devices grows stronger every day. The latest startup to bring those dreams into reality is Aereo, a new service that allows you to get live television broadcast directly to your computer, mobile device, or Apple TV or Roku device. The concept isn’t dissimilar […]