Statement on a Legislative Proposal for Fiscally Responsible Congressional Budgeting

The following is a statement by Krisztina Pusok, Research and Policy Director for the American Consumer Institute: “America desperately needs responsible Congressional budgeting. For too long, the federal government has engaged in reckless fiscal spending that has left the economy in a dire state. We welcome Senator Braun’s proposal to roll back excessive deficit spending, […]

A Good Economy is a Bad Time to Overspend

The “news” on cable TV seems skewed toward partisan bickering on topics our politicians refuse to address seriously. They criticize their opponents and quickly move on to the next allegation in the hope that some of the mud will stick. These unending arguments are fueled by the stylish, everchanging topics in the social justice bucket. […]

Where to Start on the Promised Initiatives

Is there a right sequence for Congress to tackle the expected initiatives of the new Administration?  Consumers want growth in the economy and wages, sanity in healthcare services and costs, protection from hostile nations and hate groups, and an end to officials encouraging divisive identity politics. The core of the President-elect’s promised initiatives was to […]

Air Traffic Furloughs – Intentional Sabotage

Transport Secretary Ray LaHood has created a national crisis from the need to save $200 million.  President Obama and Rahm Emanuel must be smiling broadly.  In February 2013, LaHood promised there was no way around scaling back air traffic control staff if sequesters were enacted.  Last week he affirmed that “We cannot avoid furloughs.”  They’ve […]

A Budget of Disappointments

Earlier we noted surprises in the budgetary emphasis on energy and transportation.  Without prose to explain its retreat, the White House slashed spending in its quest for cars that run on pure green thoughts.  All that remains is deep seated hostility to most families’ means of transportation. Some of the biggest reductions in the budget […]

White House 2014 Budget Proposal Surprises

In the recent proposal for a 2014 budget, the White House offered consumers a 10-year outlook of proposed federal spending and revenues.  So far, tax hikes and entitlement cuts to Social Security and Medicare have attracted the most news coverage, but there are some remarkable budget numbers in the Energy and Transportation sections of Table […]

The Deeper Budget Picture, Again in 2013

In 2012, the fiscal cliff with its toxic brew of tax, debt, spending, Obamacare, and flood of new regulations drew well-reasoned arguments and partisan hissing matches.  We can expect that pattern of scuffles to continue in 2013.  At times, we were held back from fisticuffs by our culture of peaceful conflict resolution and respect for […]

Disappointing Reporting on a Survey about Entitlements

In mid-December, 2012, the Pew Research Center release a report called “A Bipartisan Nation of Beneficiaries.”   It tallied the percentage of responders who participated in any of 6 major federal entitlement programs; Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, unemployment insurance, and food stamps.  Then it cross tabulated those answers against demographic information and political affiliation.  As […]