More and Better Video Bundles for Consumers

There are now are many popular streaming sites competing to attract subscribers for video content bundles and there are more coming. Vimeo, CBS all access, DirecTV, Google’s YouTube TV, HBO now, HULU, Netflix, Sling, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Vue are all open for business. Viable competitors undermine the justification for regulations that were based […]

The Shakeout in Video Content to the Home

The first round of cord cutting was a distressing challenge for landline telecommunications firms.  They had dominated voice and business communications for a century.  A brief foray in Videotext did not prepare them for the popularity of its sequel – the Internet.  The Internet arrived like a tortoise, but once commercialized in 1995, it soon […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Set Top Box Hustle

The ongoing scuffle over launching competitive set top boxes has the FCC, the White House, and wannabe program packagers, like Google, lined up against the cable, satellite and telephone companies, also known as multichannel video programming distributors or MVPDs. The superficial version of the scuffle is whether consumers should have a competitive alternative to paying […]

Content is King, Not the Device or the Platform

Consumers welcome a variety of competing electronic sources and delivery pathways for entertainment and news, but content dictates the winner.  Consumers usually have multiple platforms (TV and cable box, PC and smartphone) for digital messaging, streaming video, and TV programs from over the air, mobile wireless, cable and satellite formats. Each of the streaming and […]

Cable TV and the Collateral Damage from Local Choice

Senators Thune and Rockefeller are suggesting a proposal to require local TV broadcasting channels, such ABC and CBS, be offered on an “à la carte” basis to cable TV viewers. The idea, referred to as Local Choice, would allow consumers the option to pick and pay only for the TV broadcast channels they want, instead of […]

Broadcaster Fees Harming Cable TV and Wireless Consumers

In case you missed it, ACI’s released a study last month finding that broadcast TV stations are raising there retransmission consent fees at a rate of 46% per year, which is raising consumer cable TV prices.  What is worse, however, is that these fees are becoming so lucrative that they may discourage TV broadcasters from relinquishing spectrum for repurposing to wireless […]