FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee Issues a Report on Illegal and Unwanted Text Messages

Last April, the Federal Communications Commission requested, in a Charge Letter, that its Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC), Chaired by ACI’s Steve Pociask, examine the problem of illegal and unwanted text messages (pertaining to CGB Docket 02-278) and submit its findings in a Report to the Commission by August 31, 2022.  After months of work, the […]

FCC Chairman Announces Consumer Advisory Committee Members

Today, the Federal Communications Commission released a Public Notice announcing the full membership of the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC), and the group’s first meeting date. The American Consumer Institute will continue its participation on the CAC with Steve Pociask as Chair for the group. You can read the full notice here.

FCC Announces the Consumer Advisory Committee Membership

Today, the Federal Communications Commission established the eleventh charter of the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is operates in accordance to the the “Federal Advisory Committee Act and provides advice and recommendations to the Commission on a wide array of consumer matters.” ACI president Steve Pociask will Chair the Committee. You can read the […]

FCC Consumer Advisory Committee Files a Recommendation on Truth-in-Billing

On Monday, the Federal Communications Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee, chaired by Steve Pociask, approved a recommendation on the application of Truth-in-Billing rules for all voice services. The recommendation was sent to Chairman Pai and the other FCC commissioners, and it is available here.

FCC Renews Its Charter for the Consumer Advisory Committee

Today, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission announced the renewal of the charter of the Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee, the appointment of members for the  two-year term, and the Committee’s next meeting. The announcement selected 25 groups and individuals to participate on the committee and appointed Steve Pociask, president of ACI, as the Committee’s […]

In Health Insurance, We Cannot Have Everything All of The Time

Before passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), some of the bitterest arguments focused on the potential for death panels  that would set treatment policy, deciding which patients and which medical conditions would receive which kind of treatment, if any.  Within the scope of those rationing decisions, some feared older patients would be denied aggressive […]

FCC Chairman Appoints ACI President to the CAC

Today, the FCC announced that Chairman Wheeler has appointed membership to the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC).  Steve Pociask (ACI president) was selected as one of CAC’s members, with Dr. Joseph Fuhr (professor of economics at Widener University and Senior Fellow at ACI) as an alternate to the CAC.