Where is there Good News for Jobs?

While policymakers and the media have been focused on the looming tax increases in the so-called fiscal cliff, Americans will also face an avalanche of tax increases unless a comprehensive deal is achieved. A fresh ACI study of fiscal cliff effects via capital gain and dividend income tax rate increases revealed the likely loss of […]

Economic Effects of Higher Taxes

As talks continue in the fiscal cliff negotiations, one scenario that’s been discussed is raising taxes on capital gains and dividends.  Currently, both capital gains and dividends are taxed at a rate of 15%.  But if President Obama and Democratic members of Congress get their way, rates for capital gains could go as high as […]

New Study: Investment Tax Increases Threaten Two Million Jobs

New Study Highlights Impact of Tax Hikes on Investment Income Pending increase on investment income will threaten nearly 2 million jobs  WASHINGTON– Although much of the debate in Congress and the media about the upcoming ‘fiscal cliff’ has focused on federal spending and income taxes, the pending increases in dividend and capital gains tax rates […]

Get set for a new tax on your retirement

President Obama recently called for extending the Bush-era income tax cuts for those earning less than $250,000 per year. To some, the announcement seemed like a compromise of sorts, but to others it was just another example of class-warfare. While the income tax debate is certainly very important, the back-and-forth arguments have largely ignored the […]

How Dare You Save For Retirement!

The U.S. government is planning to punish consumers who plan for their own retirement.  Whether you have a taxable brokerage account, or a tax-deferred retirement account (401(k), Keogh, Roth or traditional IRA) there’s a political bull’s eye painted on your back. Dividend and capital gains taxes are set to increase as the Bush tax cuts […]

Tell Us Your Views on Capital Gains Taxes

Consumers Oppose Capital Gains Tax Increases According a nationwide household survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute, 60.1% of Americans said they oppose increases in the capital gains tax and only 25.7% voiced support such an increase. Opposition to a capital gains tax increase was widespread and across many demographic groups – most notably consumers […]