The Daily Caller: Colluding with the Automotive Dealer Cartel

This Daily Caller Piece, written by ACI researcher Alan Daley, talks about the barriers to entry facing Tesla, including the roadblocks by the Automotive Dealer Cartel.  You can read the article in the Daily Caller —

ACI in the Daily Caller: Time to End the Sugar Cartel

The op-ed, from ACI writer Alan Daley, can be downloaded at the Daily Caller Website. Since When Do We Coddle Cartels? The Farm bill (S. 954) plans for the US sugar cartel to continue the tradition of pillaging Americans. Already through the Senate, the bill needs House action, notably removal of government’s obligation to ally […]

Summary Statement: ACI Testifies in North Carolina Regarding Cartel Insurance Pricing

Before the North Carolina Joint Legislative Study Committee on Automobile Insurance Statement of Steve Pociask President of the American Consumer Institute, Center for Citizen Research January 25, 2012 Raleigh, North Carolina Today I will talk about a number of problems with the current regulatory system in North Carolina, including the existence of hidden fees and […]