State’s 911 Tax Hike a Non-Emergency

Pennsylvania Consumers love their smartphones and the associated applications that deliver better access to health care, delightful entertainment, informative news and communications with our family and our friends.  Perhaps most revered are the work-related applications that improve productivity and well-being.  The future is bright – the growing sophistication of applications will further tighten consumers’ reliance […]

ACI in the Tallahassee Democrat: Cell Tax Cut is Sensible

As part of Florida’s budget, Governor Scott proposed to cut the cell phone and TV tax rate by 3.6 percentage points. When approved by the Florida Legislature, the tax cut will save Floridians $470 million annually. These services are taxed at 9.17% for cell phone and cable TV and 13.17% for satellite TV services – […]

Dependency on Wireless Services

Our cellular and smartphones are something we now take for granted everyday, a service that was only for the uber-rich 25 years ago. Now, cellular phones are almost a necessity of life, with parents even outfitting their children with their own smartphones and even the most Luddite Americans probably have a cellular phone. And nowadays, […]

Our “Connection” to Wireless Services

A new survey confirms Americans’ reliance on wireless services as a key component enabling them to earn a living, study, and socially communicate.  The online study by McLaughlin & Associates and partnered with Penn Schoen Berland was conducted during May 23-28, 2014 for and covers likely voters with wireless services.  Overall, the results show […]

One-in-Seven Segments That Should Concern Us

While researching the near term US economy, a picture of isolated American consumers began to emerge.  Along five dimensions, one-in-seven consumers face unenviable circumstances or have made unfortunate choices.  While they are not the same one-seventh of the population in each category, they are likely to have significant overlap.  One-in-seven is loosely considered here as […]

Tallahassee Democrat Op-Ed: Don’t Tax What You Want To Encourage

February 24, 2011 — Tallahassee Democrat published an opinion piece written by Steve Pociask.  It discusses the unusually high tax rate on wireless telephone services.  Three times higher than the sales tax rate, Florida is among the highest in the nation.  You can visit the Tallahassee Democrat here Florida’s Cell Phone Taxes What should Florida policymakers […]

Bye-Bye Telephones?

We recently conducted an online survey of consumers asking the following question: “What communications device is most important in meeting your communications needs?”  The general direction of consumer preferences was not surprising, but the spread of their preferences for different devices tends to corroborate and magnify our impressions of the directions being taken under the influence of […]