Right to Repair Takes a First Step

Every day, Americans discard 416,000 cell phones simply because they are broken and it is often more cost-effective to purchase a new device than repair the old phone. That number equates to over 151 million discarded devices each year. The staggering number of phones that are discarded daily not only represents wasted money for consumers, […]

Cities Have the Wrong Number on Cell Taxes

Cell phone taxes are putting a significant strain on the budgets of many Americans. A report published late last year by Scott Mackey at Leonine Public Affairs, LLP found that the average taxes consumers pay on wireless service increased again in 2020. While wireless costs everywhere are rising, cell taxes affect people differently in cities […]

Robocalls – It Depends On Content, Not on How It’s Dialed

The few robocalls I get on my cellphone are fast-talker recordings on a political issue. I often retort even though they are not listening.  I don’t get any public service warnings telling me of looming tornados, school snow days or Amber Alerts.  I don’t get sales calls from companies I have no affiliation with. Somehow […]

ACI Files Reply Comments On FCC Proposed Wireless Regulations

Before the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Washington, DC 20554     In the Matter of                                                        )                                                                                 ) Empowering Consumers to avoid Bill Shock             )         GN Docket No. 10-207                                                                                 ) Consumer Information and Disclosure                       )         CG Docket No. 09-158          Reply Comments of The American Consumer Institute   The American Consumer […]