The Economic Standard: GOP and Democrat Antitrust Focus Unwittingly Helps China

There is a widespread belief that social media platforms like Google, Amazon, and Meta Platforms are too big. Unfortunately, this misguided belief is not only publicly popular but also becoming mainstream among officials in the Biden Administration, Congress, and federal regulators at the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice. This erroneous and flawed […]

Big Tech Needs to Outline its China Strategy

Last Wednesday afternoon, the CEOs of America’s largest tech companies faced a round of questioning from lawmakers in Washington, DC. While the hearings form part of an ongoing antitrust investigation, they risk overlooking how international actors, like unscrupulous Chinese entities, take advantage of American corporations and threaten consumers’ interests. In addition to questions about the […]

American Companies Need to Hang Up on Beijing

The COVID-19 global pandemic has made video conference calling a basic tool for both socializing and business alike. But recent revelations that Zoom closed American accounts on demands from Beijing point to a worrying trend of American companies muting basic rights to accommodate autocrats abroad. When companies ride roughshod over American values overseas, their actions […]

Inside Sources: Federal Ban on Huawei Protects Both National Security and Consumers

As long as Beijing is able to call the shots, Huawei poses an outsized menace to American national security, businesses, and consumers. If governments around the world are clamping down on the threat that Huawei poses, it’s high time that Washington do the same when the public’s interests are at risk. You can read this […]

China Plays the Rare Earth Card, Again

The trade spat between the U.S. and China took an ugly turn threatening high-tech materials for motors, generators, and batteries. Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited a Chinese rare earth element (REE) factory. We should see his visit as an implicit threat that he would consider cutting off supplies of REE materials needed by huge […]

China’s Internet Propaganda Seeks to Manage U.S. Consumer Perceptions

The Chinese government uses many of its state-run media to implant in the U.S. internet a “distorted and biased narrative portraying a utopian view of the Chinese government and party.” The propaganda is intended to undermine western values that China deems would erode party domination. It uses paid social media posters to place propaganda and […]

China’s Plague of Cyber Breaches

China seems to regard cyberattacking as a venue in which it can compete, or even win, against the U.S. There is no single source for Chinese hacking. There appear to be groups closely affiliated with China’s intelligence organizations and groups with a more commercial footing. Chinese hackers have purposes ranging from political influence to monetary […]