The Evolving Security of Credit Cards

Another breach of consumer credit card information was reported by Hudson’s Bay, the owner of Lord and Taylor and Saks stores.  Hudson’s Bay said “it was the victim of a security breach that compromised data from payment cards that had been used at some stores in North America, and that it had “taken steps to […]

Daily Caller: A Little-Known Smartphone Feature Could Save Your Life

As smartphones’ capabilities continue to expand, it’s easy to take for granted the cellular networks they rely on to talk, text and access the Internet. But during hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires and other natural disasters, cell towers are vulnerable. Increases in call volume linked to the disaster often cause network congestion, making communication difficult. After […]

Time and Security at the Checkout Line

For retail payments there are six protocols in common use – cash, check, credit card swipe and sign, debit card swipe and pin entry, EMV chip and sometimes sign, and mobile payments (using near field communications) with a second form of authentication. Cash and check are less commonly used.  Cash payments challenge some of the […]

Forbes: Consumers, Businesses Hindered by Shoddy New Credit Cards

The poorly planned, poorly executed transition to chip-enabled credit cards claims another victim. This time, it’s not just the everyday American consumers stuck with lackluster security measures and it’s not just the nation’s retailers who have endured costly equipment upgrades while taking on more financial liability. This time, it’s VeriFone – a $2 billion company […]

ACI in Forbes: “Chip and PIN” Is Ready Now

The ongoing discord between retailers and the banking industry highlights the disagreement regarding payment cards and where the technology is headed. While the financial industry often deflects calls for improving credit card security by conjuring up the prospect of a mobile and biometric payment world, those days are too far from now for us to […]