Cloud Computing — a Jobs Forecast Update

A major driver of progress over the past 15 years is the Internet, where 2 billion people are connected and $8 trillion is exchanged each year in e-commerce.  McKinsey estimated that the internet created 1.2 million jobs but destroyed 500,000 jobs.  Many jobs created were in functions such as sales, engineering, and service.   Many jobs […]

Small Business Use of Information Technology Means Increased Productivity — Cloud Computing

I’m not the first to note how small businesses can utilize a variety of tools to make themselves more productive. Many businesses, large and small, are using free or low cost web based tools to make their lives easier and more productive. In the Internet age, it’s considered essential to take advantage of these tools […]

Privacy in the Cloud

For many of us, “the cloud” is a nebulous concept, defined in a myriad of ways, with little understood practical application to our lives. But like so many new technologies, cloud computing affects our lives in an unfathomable and different ways.   Simply put, cloud computing refers to any information or service stored or fed […]

Cloudy Days Call for Fixing the Disharmony of International Laws

Remote data storage, more sexily known as “cloud computing,” has become the “new normal.”  A poll commissioned by Microsoft found that eighty-four percent of Americans now use an online email client, which stores all of your email data off your own personal computer and allows it to be accessible from any computer or Internet-capable device, […]

Cloud Computing: Pervasive Impact Likely for Consumers

Information technology-using consumers are seeing a deluge of useful, fast-to-arrive applications.  Chatter about “app stores” and data charges in mobile wireless bills might lead us to think that smart phones and tablet computers explain the deluge.   That’s only half-right – phones and tablets are good consumer devices for delivering applications, but Cloud Computing plays an […]