ACI Calls on FCC to Reject Text Messaging Regulations

The FCC is currently accepting comments on a petition that seeks the application of 1930s-style common carrier regulations on text messaging services. Today, ACI called on the FCC to reject the petition.  The following is an except of ACI’s filing with the FCC: Comments of the American Consumer Institute The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI) is […]

Consequences of Treating Broadband as a Public Utility

The FCC is poised to vote on reclassifying broadband services as a common carrier, innocuously referred to as net neutrality regulations. From the outset, the net neutrality rules were unnecessary, did not address any apparent market failure, and protected companies instead of encouraging competition. While advocates for these regulations promised free, open and neutral internet, […]

Did the FCC Lie about Net Neutrality?

Reclassification Could Be Costly for Consumers As a means to establish and promulgate new Internet rules, commonly referred to as net neutrality regulations, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) appears to be on the verge of reclassifying Internet services from a less-regulated “information service” to a much stricter public utility-style “common carrier telecommunications service.” The regulatory […]

Regulations Could Soon Increase Your Broadband Prices

This piece, written for the American Enterprise Institute’s Tech Policy Daily blog explains why regulating broadband service providers like public utilities will guarantee that consumers will pay substantially more for their broadband services.  To read or print the piece, visit the AEI’s TechPolicyDaily.Com.

Proof: Regulating the Internet Means Consumers Pay More

The American Consumer Institute sent an Ex Parte letter to the commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission explaining how the proposed reclassification of broadband services from an “information service” to a “telecommunications service” under Title II regulations would subject broadband services to a full array of new taxes, which means that consumers will be paying substantially more for their broadband services.  A PDF of […]

The Hill: FCC Regulations Almost Killed the Internet

Did you know that old, monopoly-style regulations almost killed the Internet a couple of decades ago?  Now, a proposal being considered at the FCC might come back to these “common carrier” regulations.  To read ACI’s newest piece, visit The Hill’s Congressional Blog.

FCC Filing: Evidence of Harm from Net Neutrality

Yesterday, The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI) filed reply comments to the FCC’s Open Internet proceeding (GN 14-28 and GN 09-191). The reply was filed with four attachments (studies) that provide evidence of the harm that onerous regulations would have on Internet consumers. While the text is pasted below, ACI’s full filing […]

Growing Congressional Resistence to 1930s-Style Regulations

While the FCC is considering onerous 1930s-era regulations on competitive broadband and competitive wirelesss services, there appears to be growing resistence in Congress.  A letter signed by 73 Democratic Representatives and one signed by 37 Republican Senators oppose reclassification of Internet Service Providers as common carriers under Title II Law.   Your comments are welcome.