The Economic Standard: Close the Digital Divide with Private Investment and Competition

With this week’s presidential signing of the recently passed $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, the U.S. is poised to take a step to revitalizing our nation’s infrastructure with better and more resilient roads, bridges, ports, airports, high-speed broadband, and more. While the bill has been promoted as a necessary investment to repair the nation’s infrastructure, […]

Coalition Sends Letter to FDA: Foster Biosimilar Competition and Reduce Costs

A group of 29 nonprofit organizations filed a letter with the FDA calling on them to foster the development of a robust biosimilars market, which would ultimately reduce prescription drug costs and provide patients with access to more affordable therapies. The letter is available online.

ACI Files Comments with the FTC regarding its “Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century Hearings”

ACI filed comments regarding the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC)  role in protecting consumer privacy and security and ensuring the competitiveness of U.S. markets while not imposing unnecessary costs on private parties or governmental processes.  The filing can be downloaded here.

Organizations Call On Congress to Encourage Prescription Competition

A large group of organizations are calling on Congress to remove regulatory barriers in order to allow generic drug makers to have access to brand name drugs for FDA testing and approval.  The bill would encourage competitive entry once brand name drug patents have expired, permitting new rivals to provide lower cost drugs to doctors […]

Coalition Sees CREATES ACT as Pro-competition and Pro-Consumer

The House and Senate are considering legislation to speed entry of generic competition into the market as a means to provide greater patient access and lower prescription costs for consumers.  The Senate and the House coalition letter are available online.  Simply put, what the CREATES Act represents is a market-based way that contributes to giving […]

Coalition Letter on “Open Competition”

Twenty-one nonprofit groups submitted a letter to members of Congress asking them to be mindful of using a competitive bidding process when considering appropriations and legislation related to revitalizing the Nation’s aging infrastructure.  By one estimate, open competition rules would save the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars.  The coalition letter is available online.

Coalition Sends a Letter to Congress in Support of the CREATES Act

The CREATES Act, if enacted, would remove industry entry barriers, encourage market competition, bring lower cost drugs to market, and benefit patients.  The following is the coalition letter send to the Senate Judiciary Committee (click here for a printable version): ————– July 12, 2016   The Honorable Chuck Grassley The Honorable Patrick J. Leahy Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate 224 […]

Hill’s Congress Blog: Caution–Drug Competition Not Allowed

About thirty years ago, generic (unbranded) drugs were first approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for use by patients. These drugs provided competitive alternatives to more expensive name branded pharmaceuticals, and this competition saved consumers $1.68 trillion (not billion) over the last decade, according to the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner. Lower prices from these alternatives […]

Consumer Choice Without Extra FCC Help

With the FCC thinking of imposing new regulations that would require all households to have a new cable box, it is worthwhile reviewing how consumers are already getting competitive choice in video entertainment without extra government help. Today consumers’ communications choices are like mosaic tiles in a box.  Consumers can pick any grouping that suits […]