Specialized Cyberattacks

At the retail level, hackers can seize a consumer’s identity and financial assets without leaving a trail for law enforcement to follow. Identity theft inflicts an average loss of $5,100 on each of the twelve million US victims each year.  Most of us know a relative or acquaintance whose credit card details or personal information […]

Should Coding Be in the K-6 Curriculum?

There have been reports of elementary students being taught computer coding, i.e. writing computer procedures that achieve a specific task. Anyone who has written successful computer code will recognize this as an abstract form of “programming.” An important issue is whether the educational benefits from learning to code exceed the benefits from other uses of […]

Good Email Housekeeping vs Destroying Evidence

From time to time, I delete a selection of my saved emails and saved files. That good housekeeping makes it easier to find the best article references, article outlines, notes from family and financial documents. My retained files are chosen by their importance, not by date or sender. I don’t wittingly break the law or […]

A Computing Question Most Consumers Will Face: Advice on Buying a Tablet, laptop or Desktop

Tablet computers have evolved beyond the novelty stage.   About 10% of U.S. adults now have a tablet computer, 57% have a laptop and 55% have a desktop.  We were drawn to consider a tablet computer by three themes; downsized gear for easier travel, a better backup storage solution and the advantages of a book reader.  […]