ConsumerGram: Will Ex Ante Antitrust Remedies Be the End of Permissionless Innovation?

Lawmakers and regulators are calling for blanket changes to longstanding antitrust regulations to counteract what some perceive to be market dominance by a handful of large technology firms. Some lawmakers are calling for the breakup of these firms and significant business restrictions, even if these actions invariably lead to a decrease in consumer welfare. While […]

New Study: Taxes on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages — A Policy Failure

Since 2014, eight U.S. cities have implemented sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) taxes. Several other cities and states are contemplating similar measures. SSB taxes are intended to curb sugar consumption and improve public health, but policymakers too often ignore the unintended consequences these measures provoke. This ConsumerGram examines the effects of SSB taxes, including their disproportionate impact […]

The Urgency for More Senior Housing — A California Case Study

This ConsumerGram looks at the impending surge in demand for senior housing in California and finds that policymakers need to take steps now to encourage investment by enacting policies that reduce the time and cost of development and make housing more affordable for seniors. Follow the links to read the entire ConsumerGram or ACI’s news release.

Dr. Larry Darby’s ConsumerGram is Cited in WSJ Article and New Book

A ConsumerGram presented at a Congressional seminar by the late Dr. Larry Darby, Former FCC bureau chief and ACI board member, was quoted in today’s WSJ article “The Dealth of Duopoly.”  The article is written by the authors of a new book — “The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong.”