The Shakeout in Video Content to the Home

The first round of cord cutting was a distressing challenge for landline telecommunications firms.  They had dominated voice and business communications for a century.  A brief foray in Videotext did not prepare them for the popularity of its sequel – the Internet.  The Internet arrived like a tortoise, but once commercialized in 1995, it soon […]

The FCC Shouldn’t Outlaw Better Mobile Deals for Consumers

Most mobile phone customers pay a monthly bill containing taxes, plus a flat charge for the “line” and other charges based on the count of data bits we send or receive. The usage sensitive charge apportions the cost of operating the cellular network and pays a contribution to the needed capital investment, e.g. cell towers, […]

Content is King, Not the Device or the Platform

Consumers welcome a variety of competing electronic sources and delivery pathways for entertainment and news, but content dictates the winner.  Consumers usually have multiple platforms (TV and cable box, PC and smartphone) for digital messaging, streaming video, and TV programs from over the air, mobile wireless, cable and satellite formats. Each of the streaming and […]

ACI Blog in Real Clear Policy: Consumers Held Hostage in Cable Dispute

Zack Christenson, ACI’s tech writer, has a piece in today’s Real Clear Policy that discusses the problems with retransmission consent regulations.  The problems have led to yet another impasse in negotiations between cable providers and broadcasters.  The outcome will mean either higher prices for consumers or TV blackouts.  Either way, you know who loses.  You can read […]

New Legislation Aims to Lower Broadcaster Market Power

This past Friday, legislation was introduced into both the House and Senate that would reform the television industry, doing away with what many say are outdated and onerous regulations that are hampering innovation and fair competition between multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) and broadcasters, in addition to curbing the ability of broadcasters to compete in […]

New ConsumerGram on Retransmission Consent and the Evidence of Market Power

This ConsumerGram provides evidence that broadcasters are increasing prices by at least four times the rate of inflation, and have done so over the course of several years.  This sustained rate of increase suggests that broadcasters are exerting market power – even over the largest cable TV providers, who should be in the best position […]

A Failure to Negotiate

Few consumers realize the odd and strained relationship the FCC has created between cable companies and television stations.  When cable companies first sprang up in the 1950’s, the FCC paid little attention.  At first, cable was just local television, but with better reception.  At that time, the FCC determined it didn’t have regulatory jurisdiction over […]