The Economic Standard: How Tariffs Will Lead to Fewer Kids Playing Tabletop Games

The Trump administration recently announced that video game consoles will not be subject to the upcoming tariffs. While this might be good news for companies like Sony and Microsoft, the same benefit will not be extended to tabletop games. With increased prices on tabletop games, parents are indirectly encouraged to buy video games for their children, which […]

New ACI Program to Measure Cost of Regulatory Waste

How much economic growth is lost by excessive regulation? What are the costs of permit delays? How many jobs are lost due to red tape? Regulatory impediments can substantially hinder opportunities for private enterprise to invest and compete, thereby reducing economic output, impeding private investment, slowing job creation, and raising consumer prices.  These hurdles contribute […]

The Affordable Care Act Chokes on Costs, Drives Away Insurers

There is wide agreement that access to health care is important for everyone. A large segment of the 325 million US population is covered by government health programs such as Medicare (55.5 million enrollees in 2015), Medicaid and CHIP (74.5 million in 2017), and Veterans Health (about 10 million in 2013). These government run health […]

ACA Flaws Are Not Fixed by a Public Option

From the beginning of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we expected that Americans with pre-existing conditions would be more in need of intensive treatments and more likely to be eligible for premium subsidies.  Most of us doubted that ACA would attract healthy young enrollees willing to pay full-sized premiums.  Indeed 7.5 million workers paid a […]

Real Clear Health — The Middlemen in Higher Drug Prices

A consumer needs a prescription filled and goes to their local pharmacy. The pharmacist asks for your prescription benefits card, does some paperwork, gives you a generic drug and charges you according to your plan’s standard deductible, say $15. That may seem like a typical experience, but what this consumer may not have known is […]

The Charm Offensive

Consumers are angered by high costs of health care and fearful that the outrageous prices of wonder-drugs will become the norm.  At a less emotional level, “more than 70% of Americans feel that drug costs are unreasonable.”  Meanwhile the Pharmaceutical industry has embarked on a charm offensive which in TV adverts soothes the viewer with a promise […]

ACI in Forbes: Keeping Up With The Latest Medical Science

Being an economist, you don’t want me to play medical doctor in order to save you money.  Likewise, when doctors write an economic cost study that concludes that doctors do not need to keep up with the latest medical research, I can’t help but think of the potential for intellectual malpractice. There has been a […]

Patients Role in $1 Trillion in Annual Costs

A widely reported study of the Milliman Medical Index estimates that the typical family of four covered by employer-provided health insurance in a preferred provider organization (PPO) will spend almost $25,000 for health coverage and services in 2015.  That includes premiums paid by employer and employee, as well as all the out of pocket costs. […]

Health Care Cost Increases – The Question is How Fast?

Rapid advances in health care treatments may help us live longer and healthier lives. For that to come true, we will have to afford the treatments. Today that is a stretch and affordability may diminish as time passes. The cost burden for health care is already astronomical and there are few promising strategies for cost […]

Stratospheric Drug Prices Are Curable

Most of American’s activity is focused on work, education, entertainment, and social interactions. Some exercise intentionally to maintain their health and some get healthful exercise through their employment, but it’s unlikely that much of our attention is focused on health care.  One sixth of our economy is tied to health care, but we can remain […]