Can Drug Prices be Lowered?

Lowering the consumer price for a drug is in the public interest, provided that its sales margin recovers its development cost.  Pharmaceuticals do not spontaneously emerge like weeds in a field.  They are complex chemical or biological agents that are painstakingly designed and extensively tested for safety and efficacy.   That said, there are steps worth […]

Greed, then Vigorous Competition for Patent Drug Makers

Earlier this year, the House removed a bipartisan generic drug measure from an act approving the federal budget. The Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples (CREATES) Act is pro-consumer legislation. CREATES gives generic drug makers sufficient paid access to enough samples of the patent drug that they need to complete formal FDA equivalency […]

Coalition Sees CREATES ACT as Pro-competition and Pro-Consumer

The House and Senate are considering legislation to speed entry of generic competition into the market as a means to provide greater patient access and lower prescription costs for consumers.  The Senate and the House coalition letter are available online.  Simply put, what the CREATES Act represents is a market-based way that contributes to giving […]

Coalition Sends a Letter to Congress in Support of the CREATES Act

The CREATES Act, if enacted, would remove industry entry barriers, encourage market competition, bring lower cost drugs to market, and benefit patients.  The following is the coalition letter send to the Senate Judiciary Committee (click here for a printable version): ————– July 12, 2016   The Honorable Chuck Grassley The Honorable Patrick J. Leahy Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate 224 […]