ACI in Forbes: One Year Later, Consumers Still Lack Protections

This time last year, I was warning consumers about the “elephant in the room” during the holiday shopping season. The “elephant” I was referring to was the alarming lack of security whereby consumers had to rely on outdated magnetic stripe and signature credit cards to protect their personal information. Since then, an October 1st deadline […]

Credit Card Security’s Bait And Switch

In early October, the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), issued a consumer protection advisory regarding new microchip equipped credit and debit cards that warned consumers the new cards with chip and signature technology may not be as secure as they have been led to believe. But within hours, that […]

Congressional Testimony: Chip and PIN Provides Better Protection for Consumers

(WASHINGTON, DC) After today’s second House of Representatives Committee on Small Business hearing on the transition to EMV payment cards, Steve Pociask, President of the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research, issued the following statement: “I once again thank Chairman Chabot, Ranking Member Velazquez, and the House Committee on Small Business for holding another […]

ACI in the Dallas Morning News

Texas’ success and growth are largely due to its diverse and largely healthy economy, including a retail sector that, according to the Texas Retailers Association, has about 107,000 retail establishments and employs over 1.9 million Texans. Yet unlike some of its peers, this industry and the consumers it serves remain unnecessarily threatened. According to a […]

ACI in the HILL: Chip/PIN, Best Near-term Solution

A recent piece in The Hill’s Congress Blog missed some important points on the security benefits that chip and PIN technology provides. While I agree with the author’s view that there is no silver bullet for preventing all credit card fraud, chip and PIN is the best available near-term solution to protect American consumers from […]

ACI in Forbes: Chipping Away At Credit Card Fraud

This piece, available at Forbes, discusses how chip and PIN technology can sharply reduce credit card fraud in merchant stores and decrease data breaches, while the chip and signature solution that now being deployed in the U.S. will only make a modest incremental improvement.