ACI Files on US Postal Services Annual Compliance

ACI’s filing provides evidence that the US Postal service is using its monopoly services to cross-subsidize its unregulated businesses.  The filing, available here, suggests that the Commission implement a full cost model that would require unregulated entities to pay the total costs of its operations and not push those costs to regulated services.  In recent […]

Forbes: Postal Monopoly Abuse

A new study by a former US Department of Commerce official confirms something that many observers have long concluded – the US Postal Service overcharges its monopoly customers and then uses these proceeds to subsidize unregulated services in direct competition with the private sector. The study, conducted by economist Robert Shapiro, finds consumers are overpaying […]

Summary Statement: ACI Testifies in North Carolina Regarding Cartel Insurance Pricing

Before the North Carolina Joint Legislative Study Committee on Automobile Insurance Statement of Steve Pociask President of the American Consumer Institute, Center for Citizen Research January 25, 2012 Raleigh, North Carolina Today I will talk about a number of problems with the current regulatory system in North Carolina, including the existence of hidden fees and […]