Video Game Security

Video games, especially online video games, can expose players to cyberattacks.   The attacks come both from unsafe behaviors by the players and from inadequate security in the servers hosting the games. Many games require players to have credit cards registered with the server so they can pay for special treatment or game artifacts, such as […]

Russian Propagandists Use Social Media to Inflict Cyber Harm on Americans

Most Americans are aware of Russia’s internet meddling with the reputation of candidates in the 2016 Presidential election. In the run up to election day in 2016, slanderous remarks were posted by trolls posing as opponents to Hillary Clinton. Other trolls posted character attacks on Presidential candidate Trump. Both sides urged readers to vehemently contradict […]

Decryption versus Track Record Issues

Actions by Facebook, Google and Apple have made it very difficult, perhaps impossible, for law enforcement and NSA to obtain the content of cell-phone calls and Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging. The moves were technically simple, but required a marketing decision that they would gain more in public approval for supporting privacy than they would lose through […]

Sony, North Korea, the US, and the Mistake of Hackers

Consumers were alerted to the cyber-attack on Sony evidently conducted by North Korea (NK) in return for a stoner movie called The Interview.  As it stands, the US seems to be doing little and Sony has round-filed the offending movie.  Sony executives had let their sharp tongues overrun their good judgment in emails that criticized […]

The Threat of Cyber-Attacks

The United States faces many threats around the world, but perhaps the newest threat facing the US is that posed by cyber threats, both foreign and domestic.  It also might be the area where the US is most vulnerable, as the government currently seems wholly unprepared to deal with the various threats to our financial, […]

Cyber Hands in the Till

With real war brewing in the Middle East, the ongoing ugliness of Washington’s narcissism, and with Europe in deepening recession — do consumers really need to worry about security breaches at inept banks?  Yes they do.  Consumers know security breaches can burden them for years with legal difficulties and costs.  Consumers have heard about types […]