Blockchain and the Slim Risk of a “51% Attack”

Aside from a blockchain’s application to BitCoin, variants of blockchain have made inroads as a distributed ledger for other applications in finance and allied industries. The allure of blockchain is its validation mechanism, its secure transaction history and its low-cost record keeping. Recently blockchain has been used in such diverse fields as health records and […]

Should Government and the Private Sector Cooperate In Cybersecurity?

The public was offended when NSA coopted RSA’s encryption products and we were disappointed when some social media firms shared their customer’s private data with government, other firms, and law enforcement.  It’s not acceptable for government and industry to cooperate against the public at large, but when we face genuine national security threats, most of […]

Ugly Steps Leading To Internet Security

Civilian cybercriminals continue launching viruses, worms and other malware that steal identity and financial information that should remain private.  Consumers are wise to protect their personal computers (laptops, tablets, and smart phones are computers too) with antivirus software and a firewall.  These security tools are not perfect, but along with common sense they will thwart […]

Consumers are Increasingly Cyber-Vulnerable

It seems the police are battling the courts for the right to continue warrantless surveillance of cellphones for the notes, call records, pictures, email and location data.  There is apparently no technical challenge – just a difference of opinion among lawyers.  Cause-criminals continue stealing government and commercial secrets to create damage when the materials are […]

Cybersecurity and Regulations

A slew of major media companies have been targeted by hackers, coming mainly from China, according to reports that have surface in the past two weeks. The New York Times, Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post have all reported being the target of cyberattacks originating from the Asian country. According to a […]