Antitrust Bill Puts Consumer Data at Risk

Last year, lawmakers in the House of Representatives and Senate introduced the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which if enacted, would rewrite America’s antitrust rules by prohibiting specific online tech platforms from self-preferencing their goods and services. Also contained in the AICOA text are requirements that specific tech platforms share data with small businesses […]

Town Hall: Cyberattacks Aren’t Going Anywhere – We Need a National Strategy to Fight Them

US lawmakers have recently begun discussing the need for a federal plan to find out what types of cash payments are made after ransomware attacks. Cyberattacks have been ramping up in recent months, with each one underscoring the nation’s under-preparedness. The digital infrastructure of private companies and government organizations have plenty of vulnerabilities, and their responses […]

China’s Plague of Cyber Breaches

China seems to regard cyberattacking as a venue in which it can compete, or even win, against the U.S. There is no single source for Chinese hacking. There appear to be groups closely affiliated with China’s intelligence organizations and groups with a more commercial footing. Chinese hackers have purposes ranging from political influence to monetary […]

Cyber Bureaucracy versus Repelling Our Attackers

In “an offensive step forward.” the Trump Administration discarded President Obama’s policy on cyberattack and cyber defense (also known as Presidential Policy Directive-20 or PPD-20).  Trump’s replacement “cyber deterrence plan” was ready in mid-May, but its release was delayed because of disputes over retaliatory hacking measures.  Meanwhile nation state cyberattacks continue and handwringing has been […]

Recent Commercial and Nation State Cyber Breaches

In late June, the Little Red Hen Restaurant suffered a commercial attack that diverted visitors away from its website. The Red Hen website was subjected neither to graffiti nor to political criticism. Instead, the breach altered the website so that it sent visitors to a reproductive health products site. It appears the Red Hen’s recent […]

Cyber Warfare is Cheaper Than Conventional Warfare

In Moscow, for just a few million per year, you can operate a successful digital propaganda crew.  Russia does.  A crew might consist of 3 analysts devising attack themes and scripts plus a few hackers using high speed internet service, regular office equipment, and specialty items such as space on remote servers for staging attacks. […]

We Can Be Sure of Death and Taxes, and Cyberattacks

When it comes to cyber security, our government, politicians and consumer media are ready to react, but they sometimes focus on the wrong issue or allow political sentiment to write the story. In 2017, more cyberattacks are expected on government departments and agencies and on critical infrastructures. Likewise, there will be more attacks on merchant […]

The Four Tribes of Privacy Thieves

American consumers fall prey to privacy thieves with little available to protect them from these modern brigands. Distinguished by status and motivation, there are four tribes of cyber thieves – money-seeking criminals, hacktivist autocrats, aggressive nation states (notably Russia, Iran, the Koreas and China), and US government employees. Ordinary privacy criminals go where the money […]

Cybersecurity Executive Order

In his State of the Union address last night, President Obama announced the signing of the long anticipated executive order on cybersecurity. The order marks a major step in the administration’s attempt to shore up the nation’s technology security amidst growing international threats from countries like China and Iran. Although the new cybersecurity measures would […]