Inside Sources: Study Shows Vast Majority of Wi-Fi Routers are Vulnerable to Cybercrime

83 percent. That’s the proportion of Wi-Fi routers sold in the United States that are vulnerable to cyber-attack, according to a new study by the American Consumer Institute (ACI). “Without addressing these known security flaws, consumer devices could be compromised, and data could be stolen, leading to malicious activity, identity theft, fraud or espionage,” according […]

Privacy Loss from All sides

In recent months, privacy violations have continued without pause.  Among the noteworthy developments, we find that “uncrackable” iPhones passwords can be cracked for the right price, hacker’s multitools were being sold, mobile phone networks had more security flaws than expected, and poor IT housekeeping contributed to massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Cellebrite, a […]

Enough Blame to Go Around

Software makers invariably leave security vulnerabilities in their products. They take pains to remove bugs and most test the software thoroughly to reveal shortcomings. They rarely catch all the potential problems even when they apply a lot of time, skill and money. Those who claim software can be thoroughly debugged and vulnerability-free reveal their inexperience […]

Consumer Confidence in Internet Security Is Weakening

An average of 160 cybercrimes per week are launched against companies and the average cost of each attack is in the millions.  Almost half of Americans are aware of an attack that impacted them personally.  The most famous attacks such as the Office of Personnel Management breach affecting 5 million and the Target stores attack […]

ACI Statement on the Upcoming Cybercrime Hearing

On January 27, the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade will host a hearing to discuss solutions to the ever-growing problem of cybercrime. The Committee has recognized the need for a solution that could help alleviate the consequences consumers face in the event of a data breach. Chip and PIN technology is one such […]