Hacking and Terrorism

Internet security is much in the news.  At a retail level, consumers are concerned primarily with identity theft and invasion of privacy.  At the nation-state level consumers are concerned with damage inflicted by a sovereign adversary.  Both are troublesome, but they call for different protections and responses. While still better than nothing, retail antivirus software […]

Cybersecurity Executive Order

In his State of the Union address last night, President Obama announced the signing of the long anticipated executive order on cybersecurity. The order marks a major step in the administration’s attempt to shore up the nation’s technology security amidst growing international threats from countries like China and Iran. Although the new cybersecurity measures would […]

Cybersecurity and Regulations

A slew of major media companies have been targeted by hackers, coming mainly from China, according to reports that have surface in the past two weeks. The New York Times, Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post have all reported being the target of cyberattacks originating from the Asian country. According to a […]

Internet Regulations: Executive Order Undermines Democratic Principles and Harms Consumers

This past summer, lawmakers in Washington were attempting to pass a wide-ranging cybersecurity bill with the intention of strengthening the nation’s infrastructure from cyber attacks.  Democratic lawmakers were pushing a bill that would have given regulatory agencies the power to mandate security measures on private industries, such as power companies and other utilities.  Republican lawmakers […]