The Hill–An Easy Step to Reducing Credit Card Fraud

As the holiday shopping season approaches and on the heels of President Obama’s bold move that requires government-issued credit and debit cards to be equipped with new chip and PIN technology aimed at reducing fraud, the findings of a new Gallup poll are not only timely, but they also underscore the urgent need for action […]

In The Coming Mobile Payments Duel, Consumers Win

Payment systems can be a dry topic until your credit card stops working or until hackers dip into your credit. Then our interest is piqued in how to avoid today’s clunky credit cards. Mobile payments will deliver more convenience and much more safety for consumers. Unlike the security exposure of credit card signatures and numbers […]

Consumer Concern about Credit Card Security

A new Gallup poll reveals widespread concern among American consumers about hacking and data breaches. In fact, those polled were more concerned about credit card crime than any other crime they were asked about. American Consumer Institute President Steve Pociask issued the following statement in reaction to the new poll: “The unprecedented uptick in recent […]

High Expectations for Mobile Wallet

Consumers have a love-hate relationship with credit cards. We love not having to walk around with a brick of dollars to cover purchases we often didn’t know we needed.  But we hate having to make a minimum payment or clear the balance on the credit card billing statement.  In the background there’s concern that the […]

Debit Cards: So-Called “Government Help” Is On Its Way

Debit cards were working well for most consumers.  Consumers pay for the merchandise or service, and from that payment, the merchant remits a little to the network and a little to the bank who issued the credit card (a so-called interchange fee).  The average debit interchange fee that merchants pay banks is about 44 cents […]