The Hill: Congress should pass bill to prevent stacked taxation of digital purchases

Who has the authority to tax digital purchases such as downloads of music, literature, movies, mobile apps and software? That seemingly simple question has yet to be resolved, and consumers are increasingly at risk of paying multiple taxes to different jurisdictions for the same digital transaction. A new proposal in Congress would change that. To […]

Taxing the Internet is a Bad Idea

For over 15 years, American’s have enjoyed untaxed access to the Internet, thanks in part to the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998, which provided that no entry point to the Internet could be taxed. Congress at that time understood the importance of keeping the barriers to entry as low as possible, giving as many […]

The Hill’s Congressional Blog: The Taxing Problem of Digital Goods

Currently, states can tax downloaded products – such as software, music and movies – in a variety of ways, and there are no rules in place for determining what the tax jurisdiction should be for these “digital” goods and services.  As a result, it is possible that a consumer who downloads a ringtone could be […]

On Digital Good: Resale and Taxes

Apple recently filed a patent on creating a digital marketplace where users could resell their previously purchased digital items (ringtones, music, movies, etc.) to other users, presumably at a discount price. As reported by PaidContent, this patent is similar to one filed by Amazon last month. Apple’s filing goes into great detail in how their […]

Pyramid Taxes Could Undo One of the Few Bright Spots in the Economy

Twenty years ago, your only option for buying a book or a getting a CD of your favorite music was to head to a Borders or Best Buy. You would find what you were looking for, take it to the counter, pay for it, and that would be the end of it. No complications. Today, […]