Orlando Sentinel: Legislators Must Balance Consumer and Market Needs on Genetic Testing Bill

They’ve become popular gifts on birthdays or holidays – the personal DNA testing kits that can tell you where your ancestors came from or even if you are predisposed to certain medical conditions. But as testing companies such as 23andMe and Ancestory.com have become more prevalent, providing insights to millions of Americans on the secrets […]

DNA Testing and Privacy

DNA sequencing (determining the precise order of nucleotides in a DNA molecule) for humans was first performed in 1977. The process was so time consuming and costly that DNA sequencing was performed only for important medical research. The first complete organism sequenced was an influenza bacterium in 1995. The Human Genome Project was not completed […]

Great Medical Advances and Fearsome Costs

In November 2013, the FDA ordered a medical testing upstart named 23andMe to halt selling its $99 genetic testing service to consumers until it could prove the tests were reliable.  By February 2015, 23andMe was vindicated and able to sell at least some testing.  The FDA announced that it will allow patients to get partial […]

FDA Orders a Company to Shutdown: And What Exactly is the Consumer Benefit?

Last week, the FDA ordered the popular genetic testing startup 23andMe to shutdown. The FDA sent a letter to the company, saying they should stop marketing their popular kits immediately, as it hadn’t been completely cleared or approved by them. The worry, according to the FDA, is that some consumers might use the results from […]