Advertising Friction Between Online Marketers and Consumers

Although 90% of the emails that we receive are spam, many of us rarely see them. Our email service triages inbound email based on our preferences and sends the bulk of it to a spam folder.  Most of us check the spam folder once in a while and on occasion, we correct the filter’s judgement […]

Consumer Privacy by Default

Last week, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 10 within Windows 8 will ship with “Do-Not-Track” as the default on the browser.  For the uninitiated, Do-Not-Track is a feature that allows a user to tell websites they’re visiting to not  track where they’ve been and what websites they’ve visited.  This information is a treasure trove of […]


Legislation winding its way through Congress is poised to introduce a Do-Not-Track list.  This would allow people to put themselves on a list that would turn off any tracking component used in behavioral marketing.  Letting consumers choose whether they’d like their Internet behavior to be tracked is a great and valuable tool—which is why the […]