ACI in Forbes: Keeping Up With The Latest Medical Science

Being an economist, you don’t want me to play medical doctor in order to save you money.  Likewise, when doctors write an economic cost study that concludes that doctors do not need to keep up with the latest medical research, I can’t help but think of the potential for intellectual malpractice. There has been a […]

What Patients Deserve: ACI in Real Clear Policy

If you were severely ill and needed to pick a physician, would you want one who has been certified as meeting all of the current training, educational and professional standards set by a board of physicians? For many patients, it is very important for them to know that they are dealing with top-notch doctors who […]

Health Care Cost Increases – The Question is How Fast?

Rapid advances in health care treatments may help us live longer and healthier lives. For that to come true, we will have to afford the treatments. Today that is a stretch and affordability may diminish as time passes. The cost burden for health care is already astronomical and there are few promising strategies for cost […]

Looking for Medicare Satisfied Doctors

About a third of Medicare beneficiaries find it difficult to find a doctor who will accept Medicare.  In 2008, 29% of Medicare beneficiaries seeking a new physician (of any specialty) had trouble finding a new physician who would take Medicare.  It is worse in some areas.  For example in 2008, 60% of the internists associated […]