Coalition Calls on Lawmakers Not to Increase Financial Regulations at the Cost of Consumers

ACI joined a group of nonprofit organizations and sent a letter to the President, House Majority Leader, and Speaker of the House calling on them to refrain from helping some self-interested businesses at the detriment of consumers and small businesses. The letter expressly addressed lobbying efforts by some to expand onerous Dodd-Frank regulations. The letter […]

Real Clear Policy: Reform Wall Street To Help Main Street

There’s finally light at the end of the seven-year-long tunnel: The Senate is set to take action to right the Dodd-Frank Act’s many wrongs. For customers of Main Street financial institutions –regional banks, credit unions and community banks – the proposed reform will benefit them, their communities and the general economy. To read more, visit […]

Morning Consult: When It Comes to Banking, Size Does Matter

In a reaction to the last major financial crisis, Dodd-Frank (the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act) was passed, and with it came hundreds of new regulations designed to provide additional financial stability, as well as ending the bailouts of “too big to fail” giant financial institutions. In its effort to prevent a future […]

Financial Regulation Imperfections Are Worth Fixing

Among the early actions announced to reduce regulatory burdens is a theme that targets the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank) enacted in July 2010. Dodd-Frank authorized federal agencies to institute extremely broad regulatory controls over banks, mortgage issuers, insurance companies, hedge funds, stock brokerages and financial advisors. The intent was to […]

Dodd-Frank vs Too Big to Fail

Most consumers knew that 2008’s great recession came from mortgages and other risky bank lending sliding into default.  The government chose to bail out big banks rather than let them to implode, triggering the much larger calamity of a Federal Deposit Insurance collapse.  To avoid publicly identifying bad banks, government forced all large banks to […]

Debit Cards: So-Called “Government Help” Is On Its Way

Debit cards were working well for most consumers.  Consumers pay for the merchandise or service, and from that payment, the merchant remits a little to the network and a little to the bank who issued the credit card (a so-called interchange fee).  The average debit interchange fee that merchants pay banks is about 44 cents […]