Morning Consult: Importing Foreign Price Controls Is Not the Way to Lower U.S. Drug Costs

Recently, some members of Congress and officials at the Department of Health and Human Services have championed a particular strategy to address this problem: pegging U.S. drug prices to what other countries pay for the same medicines. This op-ed, published in the Morning Consult, explains why putting our drug market at the mercy of what bureaucrats […]

Inside Sources: Importing Drug Price Controls From Abroad Will Hurt American Consumers

Policymakers should reject efforts to tether U.S. drug prices to an international index. Though consumers may benefit from price reductions in the short-term, such a policy in the long run would shrink patient access to life-saving medicines, slash pharmaceutical R&D, and undermine the IP rights of American companies. This op-ed is available in Inside Sources.

Real Clear Health: Consumers Deserve More Transparency from High Drug Prices

As the new legislative session begins, Congress should demand increased transparency, require flow-through of manufacturer rebates to lower consumer prices, prohibit clawbacks, and consider giving federal agencies expanded oversight responsibilities to monitor PBMs’ practices. This op-ed explains why.

Coalition Sends Letter to FDA: Foster Biosimilar Competition and Reduce Costs

A group of 29 nonprofit organizations filed a letter with the FDA calling on them to foster the development of a robust biosimilars market, which would ultimately reduce prescription drug costs and provide patients with access to more affordable therapies. The letter is available online.

Greed, then Vigorous Competition for Patent Drug Makers

Earlier this year, the House removed a bipartisan generic drug measure from an act approving the federal budget. The Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples (CREATES) Act is pro-consumer legislation. CREATES gives generic drug makers sufficient paid access to enough samples of the patent drug that they need to complete formal FDA equivalency […]