The Sharing Economy

One of the more interesting developments in the tech startup scene has been the proliferation of companies capitalizing on what some call the sharing economy. These companies facilitate commerce between two private entities to make a financial transaction. The most popular companies facilitating these interactions are Airbnb, which connects travelers with people who have spare […]

High-Tech Fuel for the U.S. Economy

A new report is out this week showing that high-tech startups account more for new job growth than the rest of the private sector. The study, just put out by the Kauffman Foundation and the technology policy foundation Engine, shows that young tech-startups accelerate quickly in growth, adding thousands of jobs and even outpacing to […]

The European Union of Economic Strife

The European Union (EU) is a large trading partner for the US and so the EU’s economic health matters to American consumers and workers.  We exchange goods and services from comparably skilled labor forces and from well-capitalized industries with comparable technology.  Our trade with the EU is not about offshoring jobs to subsistence-wage workers. While the […]

Burdens Felt From Offshore

Burdens Felt From Offshore The European Union (EU) stands in contrast to our recently buoyant US economy.  The US shows a healthy 236,000 jobs created, unemployment down to 7.7%, a 10-year T-bill near 2%, retail sales up by 1.1%, and we expect growth in the 1.5% range despite fiscal cliff injuries.  There are worries, but […]

Slow Economic Recovery: Professor Barro Has It Right

In his piece in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Harvard Professor Robert Barro details why this economic recovery is so different from previous ones.  After the failed economic stimulus and a continued slow recovery, we are hearing from some politicians that the previous recession was worse then realized, as a justification of why the recovery is so […]

Job Picture from Bad to Worse

The nation’s unemployment rates increased slightly from 8.1 to 8.2%, nearly one-half million workers left the job market, the only 69,000 jobs were added in May, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This is the second lowest increase in employment since the market rebounded into positive job growth.  To read the BLS’ employment situation report, visit […]

Lighting the Euro Zone’s Christmas Fuse

For those who value apolitical conversation starters for seasonal parties, we offer a few notes on the Euro Zone “mess” which may go pyrotechnic within a few months.   The Substance:   Twenty-six European Union (EU) members voted to balance their nations’ fiscal budget within 0.5%, enforced by EU-imposed penalties.  Today, all but 3 countries […]

Serial Killer of Business Investments (and Jobs)

Do you “spend” savings on projects that will create future prosperity for you and your family?   If you do, you are actually “investing.”   Most consumers and businesses invest; we upgrade houses or equipment and we buy financial assets.  We invest in mundane projects such as replacing a leaky roof, or in speculative projects such as […]