Morning Consult: Corporate-Funded Cheating Threatens Higher Education

American higher education is at a crossroads. A college degree is as important as ever for young people entering the workforce, yet access to a quality education still seems out of reach for too many. Tuition costs, student debt, culture wars on campus and the lingering threat of COVID-19 have discouraged many from going to […]

Real Readiness for a Return to School

As we prepare for the next school year, we do what we can to equip our children with the visible signs of classroom readiness – suitable clothes, a backpack, writing supplies and perhaps a cellphone or laptop. But if we reflect on the issue, we acknowledge that children need factors that are more fundamental than […]

A Short Review of the President-Elect’s 100-Day Plan

A compact outline of what to expect from the early days of President-Elect Trump is revealed in his Contract with the American Voter.  A more compact version of the Contract is available in the last 2 pages below.  The Contract states President-Elect Trump’s intentions for the early days of his presidency.   The 100-day time frame […]

Educating for Economic Survival

Typically, parents of school-age children think their local school is “pretty good” but feel K-12 nationwide needs to be fixed.  The delusion is amusing but half right.  Since those parents entered kindergarten, global commerce has reached into our communities and taken many low skill jobs offshore, and it’s tugging on our higher skill jobs.  We […]

Educational Testing: When to Welcome an Outsider’s Assessment

The latest report on US high school graduation rates brings good news.  The 2014-2015 academic year shows the graduation rate has risen to 83%.  Higher graduation rates were achieved by all demographic segments.  Yet, compared with White students, there are persisting shortfalls among Black, Latino, and Native American students.  Unfortunately, some find the higher graduation […]

Consumers Invest in Themselves Through Savings

Consumers have experienced paltry progress in middle class incomes during the period of 2007 through today, and some say that stagnation has persisted for decades.  Income stagnation has been ascribed to disappointing labor productivity and to high unemployment that became nearly full employment, which too often pays just subsistence wages.  Many job openings remain unfilled […]

Should Coding Be in the K-6 Curriculum?

There have been reports of elementary students being taught computer coding, i.e. writing computer procedures that achieve a specific task. Anyone who has written successful computer code will recognize this as an abstract form of “programming.” An important issue is whether the educational benefits from learning to code exceed the benefits from other uses of […]

Beyond Student Loans

Student loans regularly grab headlines, but loans are typically a small part of financing a college education.  Personal and family contributions, federal grants and subsidies are actually a bigger part of the total outlay.  College students and their families have been borrowing and repaying for almost a lifetime. Today’s hideous $1.2 trillion total of student […]

The Education Sector Is Truant for Tests

The main parts of our education sector are trying to shirk assessments. Some teachers, parents, students and college administrators are each asserting reasons for avoiding standardized tests that measure how well students can perform.  Of course, none admits that the funding provided to develop student performance is no longer needed. Teachers unions have been resisting […]

A Degree in Hypersensitivity

Colleges have become giant petri dishes for an intellectual experiment seeking to scrub campuses clean of words, ideas and subjects that might cause discomfort or give offense. A foundation for this malady took root in the 1980s when the politically correct (PC) movement was embraced by activist liberals. Ostensibly the PC regime is obsessed with […]