Testimony Before the Department of Education: Negotiated Rulemaking Governing the 90/10 Rule

On behalf of the institute I want to express my concern with the proposed changes to the 90/10 rule governing the share of revenue that career colleges can receive from the federal government. At the Institute we analyzed the role of proprietary institutions in higher education back in October. Our research shows that proprietary and […]

The Economic Standard: DOE’s War on Career Colleges Will Harm the Very Students It Seeks to Help

This week, the Department of Education’s negotiated rulemaking committee will meet to discuss sweeping changes to the 90/10 rule governing the share of revenue that career colleges can receive from the federal government. According to reports, the committee is likely to recommend broadening the scope of “federal funds” under 90/10 to make it more difficult […]

Current Pell Grant Provisions Will Not Build Back Better for Low-Income and Non-Traditional Students

ACI has learned that the current iteration of the Build Back Better plan politicizes Pell Grants, a long an effective means for allowing low-income Americans access to a quality education. Under the proposed changes, nearly one million students who use their Pell Grants to attend proprietary and career colleges would be excluded from the access […]

Does CHEGG Deserve a Pass?

The following is a statement from Steve Pociask, president of the American Consumer Institute: “In a recent Heard on the Street column (“Chegg Deserves a Pass”), Jinjoo Lee cites a strong balance sheet and significant international growth prospects as sources of confidence for investors in the wake of the company’s brutal third quarter earnings results. […]

ACI Files Testimony with The Department of Education Regarding Proprietary Colleges

As advocates for quality education and school choice for all Americans, we commend the Department’s efforts to safeguard the quality of educational options available to students. When it comes to considering any changes to the 90/10 rule, we urge you to consider the full extent of ramifications that could potentially be at odds with the […]

New Study: Discriminatory Regulations in Higher Education and the Role of Proprietary Colleges

Discriminatory Regulations in Higher Education and the Role of Proprietary Colleges While proprietary higher-educational institutions are facing increased public and political scrutiny, those at the center of the debate ignore important empirical evidence that points to a broader function of these institutions in the American education system. This study examines the role proprietary colleges play in […]

Morning Consult: Corporate-Funded Cheating Threatens Higher Education

American higher education is at a crossroads. A college degree is as important as ever for young people entering the workforce, yet access to a quality education still seems out of reach for too many. Tuition costs, student debt, culture wars on campus and the lingering threat of COVID-19 have discouraged many from going to […]

Real Readiness for a Return to School

As we prepare for the next school year, we do what we can to equip our children with the visible signs of classroom readiness – suitable clothes, a backpack, writing supplies and perhaps a cellphone or laptop. But if we reflect on the issue, we acknowledge that children need factors that are more fundamental than […]

A Short Review of the President-Elect’s 100-Day Plan

A compact outline of what to expect from the early days of President-Elect Trump is revealed in his Contract with the American Voter.  A more compact version of the Contract is available in the last 2 pages below.  The Contract states President-Elect Trump’s intentions for the early days of his presidency.   The 100-day time frame […]

Educating for Economic Survival

Typically, parents of school-age children think their local school is “pretty good” but feel K-12 nationwide needs to be fixed.  The delusion is amusing but half right.  Since those parents entered kindergarten, global commerce has reached into our communities and taken many low skill jobs offshore, and it’s tugging on our higher skill jobs.  We […]