Inside Source: Extending Electric Vehicle Tax Credits Would Entrench a Misguided Policy

Picking winners and losers in the marketplace should be business of consumers, not the job of the government. Perhaps one day advances in technology will make electric vehicles more affordable, reliable and convenient than internal combustion vehicles. When that day comes, electric vehicle makers will thrive because of market competition and consumer choice, not government […]

Holland’s Coming Experiment with All-Electric Passenger Cars

Holland’s legislature is working on a law that by 2025 will ban new passenger cars that use gasoline or diesel.  This is a predictable stage in the evolution of emissions regulation and Holland is suited for the experiment.  It is flat, has high fuel taxes, and a disproportionate share of electric vehicles already. The nine-year […]

Now It’s Tesla Asking for Legislative Favors

Recently, we have pointed to examples where Tesla has met barriers to market entry, effectively being blocked from selling electric cars to consumers.  Well, it now appears that Tesla is trying to get legislation to provide it a leg up on its competition by limiting how competitors can sell their electric cars.  In ACI’s view, competition means […]