Advertising Friction Between Online Marketers and Consumers

Although 90% of the emails that we receive are spam, many of us rarely see them. Our email service triages inbound email based on our preferences and sends the bulk of it to a spam folder.  Most of us check the spam folder once in a while and on occasion, we correct the filter’s judgement […]

Cyber Home Invasion and Email Heists Challenge Privacy

Commercial cybercriminals sometimes spread “adware,” a software infection that seizes control of a computer limiting the user’s ability to operate software that used to work well.  Criminals are paid by advertisers for the deluge of involuntary “clicks” from adverts that are usually of no interest to the computer user.   A barely legal version of cyber […]

Privacy in the Cloud

For many of us, “the cloud” is a nebulous concept, defined in a myriad of ways, with little understood practical application to our lives. But like so many new technologies, cloud computing affects our lives in an unfathomable and different ways.   Simply put, cloud computing refers to any information or service stored or fed […]